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Our professional workshop is on hand for all your routine maintenance, safety & oil checks, at Ideliver we operate a P.O.W.D.E.R safety check program, carried out whilst your bike is with us, in storage, giving peace of mind your bike is ready for your next ride. Please enquire for further information on our maintenance & safety checks program.


P.O.W.D.E.R Stands for Petrol Oil Water Damage Electrics Rubber

                                           P.O.W.D.E.R is our health check program

Petrol. Check if you have enough fuel. 

If you decide to lay your bike up for a long period of time, “brim” your tank to the top with fuel, petrol unlike other fuels is extremely cold; when it sits in a metal container (your tank) it will generate condensation which in turn will mix with the petrol, as everyone knows water mixed with petrol is a very bad thing and will seriously damage your engine. A lot of people lay up their bikes over the winter period, a very bad thing to do.


Oil. Check the oil level to make sure it is at the correct height either by a dipstick or a spy glass in the side of the engine casing. Check oil Seals. Check for leaks.


Water. If you have a water cooled engine, we’re check the level of the coolant and top up with a mix of distilled water and antifreeze, (coolant) antifreeze not only keeps the coolant from freezing in the winter but also helps to stop your bike from over heating in the summer, we won’t only check the water/antifreeze (coolant) level but we also check the antifreeze mix, and test it to be sure that it measures the correct amount of antifreeze present in the coolant mix, also we will make visual checks for any leaks or worn hoses.


Damage. A visual check over your bike totally for damage not only to fairings but also light lenses, brake and coolant hoses, cracks to the bike’s frame, missing fairing bolts, dents to the wheel rims from pot holes, loose brake calliper bolts from vibration, cuts or brakes to the wiring harness.


Electrics. Complete a full lights check, a check of both the foot and hand brake switches, and check the horn, connection to a battery conditioner (package dependent)


Rubber. Check the tyre pressures when the tyres are cold, the pressure will read higher when the tyres are hot, valve check, check the tread depth of both tyres and clear out any small stones from between the tread pattern, the minimum tread depth for motorcycle tyres in the UK is 1.0mm. Visually check both walls of each tyre to make sure there are no cracks starting to form due to lack of use or age.

In-House Valeting & Detailing

A vital service only using a low pressure hot water system to gently wash whilst taking extra care and attention to avoid all electrics and wheel bearings etc.

Our workshops  are fully equipped with LOW pressure HOT water to clean bike/s. We have in-depth knowledge of motorcycles and their key components.


Multi-Stage Deep Clean

Thorough removal of all visible oily deposits
Intensive wheel and calliper clean
General clean of the entire bike and thorough rinse.
Professional application of ACF-50

Wax and buff bodywork.


ACF-50 - In Brief
A light carrier with a proprietary package of additives that transform it into an astonishing creeping-fluid and an outstanding de-watering fluid too. These properties mean that just the smallest amount will get into every crevice, every blemish of corrosion, and utterly remove the water. No water means no corrosion, period. And that’s just the start of it. ACF-50 stays in place for as long as a year, actively spreading, sacrificing itself to keep corrosion at bay.

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© 2016 by ideliver group Limited

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